Hello, my name is Stephen Hackett.

stephen winter 2015 1000.jpeg

I live in my hometown of Memphis, TN. My wife and I have three children and a dog named Eva Corndog.

I write and make podcasts for a living. I'm the co-founder of Relay FM, and my writing can be found at The Sweet Setup and various other places on the web (and sometimes even in print). You can learn about these projects and more here.

I'm a collector of all-things Apple. As such, old computers outnumber people in our house, and I have a dogcow tattoo on my ankle.

I used my first Mac as a high school newspaper student. While it wasn't an iMac G3, I remember vividly when the school IT department brought some in for us to use my sophomore year.

It marked the first time I saw a computer that looked designed. It was also the first time I used Mac OS X. Instantly, the Mac OS that I had known felt old and stale.

The Bondi iMac — and the family of colorful computers that came after it — brought some much-needed clarity and excitement to the Mac line.

More importantly, it bought Apple time to integrate NeXT's technology and build Mac OS X from the ashes of the aging Mac OS.

This book is about those products, and how Apple got into the sorry state it found itself in by the late 1990s.

I hope you enjoy it.